Hero zero – small talk


Seemingly aimed at younger players, Hero Zero takes the concept of the lowly nerd who becomes a superhero to a new level of amusement by allowing players to initially customize their hero into a caricature of themselves. After a quick and easy sign-up process which provides the ability to resume the game at any time from their last position played, Hero Zero can be conveniently played across multiple platforms as a free browser game, Android, or iOS application. You may want to try this tool to avoid paying real money – Hero zero hack tool http://herozerohack2015.com/hero-zero-hack/.
Its simple but addictive gameplay involves selecting missions and battles for the funny superhero to participate in, and then spending the rewards from those activities on increasing the hero’s skill set and wardrobe. In fact, the best part of Hero Zero is leveling up to gain more costume components and accessories to make your once nearly naked character into a flamboyant caped crusader to rival the best of them.

Hero Zero is a family game with no real violence or any bad language to upset more delicate players. Being a German game originally, it is very European in its style of humor, but it is never offensive. The characters are all very cartoon-like and the story underlying it all is nothing more extreme than you would find in an average children’s comic book. Despite this, adults who like any games where skill points have to be distributed to beat opponents will love Hero Zero too.
Apparently, 17 million players are already completing their missions and fighting each other in this great superhero adventure and the score tables indicate that it will take new players an extremely long time to catch up with those who have been playing Hero Zero for some time already. However, it’s not impossible to beat your friends and family who can also be added to your team of superheroes.
Completing battles, quests, and timed missions in different areas and developing your hero’s skills is pretty much the name of the game here. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, to take your character from “zero” to “hero” will certainly keep even seasoned gamers occupied for many hours.

Castle Clash hack: Building Tips and Tricks


Battle enemies, strengthen your troops, hire Legendary Heroes, and earn perks for every battle won in this interactive war game. Castle Clash for iPhone and Android is one of the top rated game applications and has taken online gaming to a whole new level.
Castle Clash is a game of strategy, meaning you really need some Castle Clash hack, tips and tricks or at least some beforehand knowledge. See page for more information on the Castle clash hack. Although a top rated game, you can become stuck in a rut, which in turn will dim down how exciting the game is meant to be.

Castle clash town hall
The good news is that there are some great Castle Clash hack, tips and tricks to be learned. These tips and tricks will allow you to advance in the game early on. You will be able to enjoy perks and learn more about Castle Clash along the way. Castle Clash hack will help you to get resources without paying or waiting.

castle clash hero altar
First, you must learn the basics including your castle design and the meanings of buildings. Here is a little cheat sheet designed to help you learn these basics faster:

Castle clash hack: Cheat sheet:

• Town Hall – This is the most important building in your arena. Use the Town Hall to unlock other buildings and give a target to the enemies while your troops have the chance to kill the enemies.
• Vaults – Vaults keep all your mana, gems, gold, and other purchases from the shop safe from enemies. Your valuables are kept safe until you decide to use them.
• Towers – Towers help you defend your arena from enemies and actually damage your attackers. Once you reach higher levels, you’re able to specialize Towers to your liking.
• Guild Hall/Heroes Altar- These buildings serve as targets for attackers, giving your troops a wide availability to destroy the enemies. The Guild Hall and Heroes Altar can help you unlock special game content in order to help you along in the game.
• Traps – Traps will destroy enemies if they come too close. Group traps together to deal more damage to attackers.
• Walls – The function of a wall is pretty much self-explanatory. Walls help keep enemies directed towards traps and away from your arena. Use walls as exterior targets to minimize damage done to buildings during an attack.
• Arena/Warehouse/Training Center- These buildings also help to unlock game features and content in order to help you along in the game. Like walls, these buildings act as exterior targets to minimize damage done to your arena during enemy attacks.
Other Tips and Tricks

Castle clash hack
Use heroes instead of troops whenever possible – if you are lack of resources just use the castle clash hack – since they are better at attacking and give you a better chance at winning battles. Destroy the Town Hall in battles to automatically win a battle. One of the most important things you can do in this game is to upgrade your Town Hall in order to grow the size of your army. Place buildings close together to build walls around them.
Have Fun!
You’re now armed with knowledge and, in conjunction with your troops, you’ll be able to knock enemies dead more often. The game is more fun as you level up but can also become harder, so be sure to check out tips and tricks often or use the castle clash hack if you need any resources and you do not want to wait or pay!

Most Famous Pro Gaming Events in the world


The avid gamers always have a dream to become professionals in their own stream but most of them lack the guidance for the same. You should not be surprised to know that there is an ample of money stored in pro gaming events for the best gamers. Hence, if you aim to become one of the best pro gamers in the world, you need to start looking at and attending the most famous pro gaming events in the world. Here they are:


  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is an event organized by Major League Gaming. It is one of the most anticipated gaming events that take place throughout the year. This year, it will take place from December 8 to February 22 and the prize money has been affixed to be $75,000 which is phenomenal to say the least. 12 teams take part in this event and it is regarded as one of the most famous pro gaming events in the world.


  1. Electronic Sports World Cup:

It is an international pro gaming tournament that is held among the winners of national qualifier events throughout the world. Hence, the gamers represent their own country in the tournament. The event is greatly placed in the media and receives huge response from the audience too. The total prize purse for Electronic Sports World Cup has had 1,721,000 Euros from the year 2003 until 2010. It is one of the most watched and most popular pro gaming events in the world.


  1. World Cyber Games:

World Cyber Games is an international pro gaming event that is managed by a South Korean company World Cyber Games. The tournament is sponsored by Samsung and Microsoft. The tournament takes place in the similar manner to that of Olympic Games. There is an official opening ceremony for the tournament like the Olympic Games. Throughout the tournament, the players compete with each other in order to collect gold, silver or bronze medals for their country. This is certainly one of the most popular pro gaming events in the world.


  1. Cyberathlete Professional League:

This is one of the oldest and the most famous pro gaming leagues that exist in the gaming world. It was founded in the year 1997 by Angel Munoz and it has been inspiring gamers from all across the world since. The league was officially launched in Dallas, Texas and is considered to be the game changing leagues that have changed the way people perceive video games. The prize money for the tournament is lucrative and if you are a good gamer; you should try a hand in this competition.